Music for your face: Wagakki Band, Children Medieval Band, Crow x Class


Around these parts there is little that is as beloved as music. Especially new music. Not that there’s anything wrong with old music…some of my favorite albums are decades old.

But today I wanted to share some news abs shit that’s new…or at least new to me. Strap on your “I’m so interested” face and let’s get ready to party! Continue reading

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How to Deal With Positive People

Again I was procrastinating at work. Here’s a handy Phro guide for how to deal with positive people and their stupid faces.

In day-to-day life, we all have to put up those people who always seem to have a smile on their faces. They bubble over with enthusiasm for every fucking thing they do, from winning the lottery to cleaning toilets. As tedious and annoying as they are, it’s almost impossible to avoid them, isn’t it? You can try whining, sarcasm, or even stabbing them with pocket knives, but optimism is, like zombification, a disease that cannot easily be destroyed.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you must suffer mercilessly at the hands of those shiny, happy faces. There are things you can do to rid your life, at least temporarily, of their cheery intrusions and personable charm. Here’s three examples–and none of them involve burying bodies or going to prison!

Maybe next time, right?
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Get off the Internet, you lazy bum.

Family_banglo_BajauI was procrastinating at work the other day, and this occurred to me.
I hope you find it utterly demoralizing and demotivating.

Somewhere in the world–right now–there are families who’ve spent their entire lives at sea, living among the waves and fishes as naturally as you surf the Internet and like your friends’ stupid Facebook statuses.

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Kevin Kmetz (Monsters of Shamisen) covering BABYMETAL


I’m swamped this week with work, so I don’t have time to really do a lot of Phro Metal writing (maybe around Wednesday things will be calmed down). But I just found out Kevin Kmetz, tsugaru-jamisen extraordinaire, covered a few of BABYMETAL’s songs. That’s like half of my favorite things all in one video. Or three videos. Just watch them below.
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